Day Eighteen…

Every two weeks we have a faculty breakfast. This morning, I found out that a teacher at my school and I belong to the same Weight Watchers Facebook group! This was great news because it’s like having a little bit of my WW community at work. By the way, I left the breakfast with a Golden Delicious Apple in hand feeling very happy with my choice.

This is the view as I walk into my classroom.

Being part of a school community has an episodic feel. It is cyclical and it has a way of marking your time that is different than other professions. Septembers are for new beginnings yet today I found myself thinking about where I was last year at this time. Back then, I was journaling in a marble notebook almost every day, and I was really working the program. I had lost weight over the summer and was feeling on top of my game.  I was wearing a size smaller than I am now. How did I lose my mojo?

My Notebook

If I don’t understand what I did to get myself here then the cycle may just repeat itself again. So, I went to the source, I opened up my notebook and gathered a little data. While I still use my notebook every week to take notes at my meeting, I am not scrapbooking the program materials as I did last year. It became too cumbersome because there was a lot of “stuff” that kept cluttering up the house. Now I’m blogging instead of journaling. Flipping through the pages, I found this:

Number Goals

This challenge freaked me out. I had picked 10 pounds because, at that time, I thought that was a conservative number. I didn’t make it took me another two weeks to hit that goal. That was when I started a long slide of ups and downs. When I make this program all about the food and all about the numbers I’m doomed. It’s really all about me and how I deal with, the ups and downs of my life.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 12.07.28 AM

In Weight Watchers meetings we talk about strategies to incorporate little indulgences, like a piece of cake, or full-fat cheese. Since weight loss is a slow process, a little kindness goes a long way. So treating myself to time to appreciate a beautiful view, special soap, a well-prepared meal, night cream, or an air diffuser to create some tranquility is just another expression of self-care:

My hope is that if you’re reading my post, you are taking some time for yourself too. This is hard but we can do this together.