Day Seventeen…

I tried something new. I roasted a spaghetti squash with a drizzle of olive oil (3sp).  Then I mixed into a 1/2 cup of ProteinPlus Angel Hair Pasta (3sp), with a 1/4 cup of Ragu Marinara sauce (2sp), sweet sausage (6sp), 63 grams of part skim ricotta cheese. (3sp). mushrooms and green beans. It was VERY good. There was a little liquid at the bottom of the bowl, even though I strained the squash… anyway, I highly recommend this:

I have been tracking, weighing and measuring everything. I am feeling pretty good about my progress. I’m not hungry at all, and I’m not bored. and I look forward to writing each day.  I hope that my reflections and words might reach someone who needs them.

I read a Facebook post, about a member who was looking for some inspiration to get back on track. Here are my four steps for getting your mojo back:

  1. Be intentional, make small goals that will lead to the big one (getting to goal)
  2. Engage the program intellectually, emotionally, and socially
  3. Be observant of yourself and others around you, look for inspiration
  4. Reflect every day and set new goals

This is how we learn, and that is part of this process. More tomorrow.


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