Day Fifteen…

This morning I woke up feeling pretty hungry, It’s important to me to continue to have some variety in my meals, It’s also important that not every meal is a big to do, so, I found this idea on Connect, and made Oatmeal with pears and almonds. It was very yummy:

Sunday is my day to set up for the week. Typically, I go shopping with my husband, we sip coffee and it’s usually a good time. This is what we bought today:

A new habit I’m working on creating is prepping my “grab-and-go” foods:

I notice a theme with today’s post, this idea of creating new habits to replace my old ones.  Have you ever heard of the habit loop? This guy, Charles Duhigg wrote a book called, The Power of Habit. Basically, some researchers at MIT discovered that a neurological loop that exists when we engage in everyday habits:

  1. There is some kind of trigger or cue (like being bored)
  2. A routine (go into the kitchen and get a snack)
  3. A reward that motivates the behavior (food is tasty hence my WW membership)
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.43.16 PM
The Habit Loop

If you want to break a habit loop, you have to do a little self-analysis and find a way to disrupt it.  Like having a variety of foods, new recipes, or writing blog posts… If you’d like to read more about it, here a great NPR report for your listening or reading pleasure.

Weight Watchers Wisdom to My Dinner Table:

Everything you see here was inspired by my meetings. I bought a Go Wise Air Fryer because a member told me how fantastic they were. She was right it’s amazing Turkey is a great protein, and I have not made that it in a while (variety). Bright Chard – we had a meeting about Eating a Rainbow need I say more…  My whole dinner was 11sp:

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