Day Eleven…

It’s quiet right now, and I am feeling a great deal of gratitude that I have these days to reflect. I’ve made some doctors appointments for myself because I do realize that I’m not immortal. Doctor’s visits are another form of self-care. So, if you are like me, and prefer to avoid them at all costs, I encourage you to resist that urge and face reality.

I began the day with a delicious breakfast: one egg, light English Muffin, one slice of individually wrapped Velveeta Cheese, and 3 thin slices of Boar’s Head Tavern Ham  I think it helps to make a pretty dish, so I also had some of the fruit left over from the Edible Arrangement that my family sent:

A Pretty Dish

After breakfast, I went on to make some more healthy grab-and-go choices. Having a family complicates things because once you prepare these foods, others grab and go with them! I get why this is such a hassle what with the: cutting the washing, the portioning them out, getting rid of the billions of seeds…

Then as I was putting them into baggies, it occurred to me that this reminded me of making Trick or Treat baggies. Back then, I made those because it was a fun way to celebrate Halloween with my kids:

Healthy Grab-&-Go

I did it because I loved them and I wanted them to have this happy memory.  Why can’t I look at this kind of “prepping” for myself as an act of love too?  I want to be healthy for as long as I can so I can continue to create loving memories with my family. It’s all how you look at it.

You are either the kind of person who believes in messages or you’re not. So take this last part of today’s post as you will. I’m a Literacy Coach who works in a Primary School, so I am always on the look out for good picture books. Today one came in the mail, Peter Reynold’s North Star. Essentially,, its message is to find your own path instead of following others. I think that’s an important message for me to hear right now.

An Instant Favorite

Even though the odds are against me, most people don’t experience permanent weight loss, I believe I will figure this out and find the right way for me. I think it begins with having a sense of adoration for the world and the people around me.  What if, I spent my time looking for beauty instead of overlooking it? What would I find? I want to adopt a generous lens, one that looks for strengths, not deficits.

I invite you to join me. In the meantime, enjoy this song from The La’s it always makes me happy. More to come tomorrow…



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