Day Eight…

Even though it’s relatively early at 10:16 PM, it feels like midnight. Everyone is exhausted. It has been a long day of greeting friends and family and remembering Dottie. She would have approved of the wake, there were lovely flowers, and photos and lots reminiscence.

I did lots of running around getting everyone ready. I put clothes together, arranging last minute haircuts, and eyebrow threading. If you’ve never experienced threading, it’s pure torture. It does something weird to my sinuses too, so while it’s very painful it also makes me sneeze::

Amidst all my running around so that we could leave the house on time, I had to break into my emergency nuts (5sp). These are the little containers of nuts I weighed and measured a few days ago. They definitely helped me stay on track:


I ate a Pink Lady Apple and that’s it, until dinner. Dinner was tricky because we ate out.  I ordered something called “Salmon Healthy” I counted it as 22sp:

  • 6oz salmon( 8sp)
  • 1cup gluten free pasta (6sp)
  • Oil (8sp) it was pretty shiny…

My son is reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s works and asked me to read Memory.  We had a nice discussion after I read it.  I love that he wanted me to read something that he was reading to get my insights.

I did well today, I stayed on plan and am within my targeted points range. That feels good. My goal is to be prepared for tomorrow.  That means pre-packing some food to bring along, I’m thinking mini-baby bell, celery, hummus, and grapes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thank you for reading, you are helping me. I’m happy to reciprocate if you think I can help you in return. I believe that we are #bettertogether.

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