Day Seven…

Almost overnight it seems it has turned into autumn. Leaves are starting to turn, their once vibrant greens look muted as if they are quietly saying farewell till spring. Today is my Weight Watchers Meeting day.  One thing I know for sure about myself is that I need community when undertaking difficult work. My group is amazing because they are supportive, honest, and funny. I use this time to take notes because note-taking is an important part of my learning process. I treat my meeting like a class, and sometimes it feels like therapy. Here is a page from my notes from today and my breakfast (4sp):

As usual, there is so much to do. I ran David up to Nokado, and I have to leave soon to pick up Hayley from school.  I did find some time to take my sweet Sadie, my Yorkipoo, for a long walk:

Walking Sadie

I am thinking about how fortunate I am to have so much positive energy. My dog seemed so happy. Her jaunty little step, her curious nose. To her, a walk around the block is an adventure. As I walked I thought about how beautiful the day was. I thought about Linda, a member from my meeting who was so ecstatic that she had gone on a Cape Codd vacation and actually lost weight.  I thought about how generous Emily was to share about a difficult week. I feel rooted and happy to be part of my group.

Our focus this week was on looking back at your summer and thinking about your Fall goals.  It seems like I keep getting this message to look back and move forward. When themes or messages keep revealing themselves to us we ought to pay attention. This blog is helping me do just that – pay attention and reflect. Now I feel as though I’m on a path to becoming (Carol Dweck).  Anyway, Weight Watchers suggests we create SMART Goals

What are Smart Goals?

Tonight’s dinner was outstanding (14sp):


My parting words of wisdom come from Carl Jung as I continue on my journey of becoming:

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 12.05.02 PM

More to come tomorrow…

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