Day Five…

It’s a sad day for my family today, my mother-in-law, Dottie, passed away this afternoon. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by what is coming next. At times like these, I am grateful for some normalcy, I brought my son to his orthodontist’s appointment and while I waited with the other parents I had some time to think.  I gazed out the big windows looking out onto Main Street, and it occurred to me that we are like so many families living in this small town. It’s strange to think about how indifferent daily life is in the face of death.  I looked out the window at the old post office. How many families have come and gone? It is a brick and mortar building unyielding to the passage of time, and now another family’s name is being erased from its route:

Northport NY

Dottie was a woman from another era. She was a homemaker, she loved to sew, to care for children, and to work the soil in her garden to grow beautiful flowers.  It is probably no accident that the flowers for September are Forget- Me-Nots. We will never forget you, and we will all miss you, Dottie. I am grateful to you for my husband. I am grateful for the memories that my children have had with you. I hope you have found some peace and happiness on the other side.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 6.34.18 PM

All this change, and yet here it is another gorgeous day on Long Island. Birds are singing, barbeque smells are wafting through my open windows. I hear my husband moving about in the yard, doing his part to care for our home.  It is 5:50 PM and I have told myself, “I am enough.” three times so far. I’m not sure what to make for dinner, but I’m starting to feel hungry so, I should, no strike that, I need to literally, get cooking. Life follows its rhythm despite us.  It’s so weird that everything feels the same, and really nothing will be the same from now on. Life is change.

Getting to Goal Housekeeping…

So far, I have used 12sp which means I have 18 left for the day. I might go to the gym when I drop David off at Nokado.   Actually, I will make that promise to myself right now, I will go to the gym tonight. Living a healthy life means taking time for self-care. I know that is something that Dottie would approve of as she was a believer in taking time to care for yourself.

If you are reading this post, my wish for you is that you take some time for yourselves as well.  More on that tomorrow…




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