Day Three…

I love the first day of school. I work in a primary building which means I teach children from Kindergarten to Third Grade. Young children have this great knack of seeing the good in things. They are full of curiosity about the world and have this incredible exuberance for learning.  I’m often awestruck by them.  Here are some pictures of my classroom:

Yesterday I said that I would log off and pack my lunch, and I did it – again I met my goal! Pre-washing, and measuring out foods ahead of time really helps me. The Edamame Hummus in those containers are 3sp, the Light Cracker Barrel Cheeses are 2sp, the Kerrygold cheese is also 2sp, of course, the vegetables are 0sp.  I do like that I’m mixing up the vegetables, those are English Cucumbers and they are great for dipping:

I’m almost afraid to commit to my goal for tomorrow. I think I want to try to go to 5:15 AM Spin. What do you think? Am I crazy?  I just don’t know if I should do it. It’s already 11:01 PM. I don’t think I’m ready for that one. So, instead, I will commit to going to the gym. I think I’ll save that one for when I’m feeling a little more confident…

Thank you for reading, more to come tomorrow.

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